Senin, 14 September 2015

Cell Phone Portable Charger

power bank 10000mah
10000mah power bank

Welcome to My Portable Charger, the official Portobello Market Cell Phone Portable Charger. We stock a wide range of exclusive and high quality portable battery charger such as 5v, 9v, 12v, 16v, 19v and 24v output from our range of high capacity solar power bank for laptops.
What is a Portable Battery charger?
A portable mobile charger with built-in rechargeable lithium batteries that can be used as a portable power station for charging various electronics such as your smartphones, laptop, camera and many more via a built-in portable USB charger port for phones and tablets or a DC/AC output for high voltage devices such as laptops and TV's.

How do i charge the portable battery pack?
Depending on the size of the portable battery pack or solar power bank, you can easily charge your battery packs via a micro USB cable and a USB mains adapter. For the higher voltage battery packs and our solar power bank, you can recharge via mains AC plug or directly from natural sunlight.

How do i charge the phone/laptop with the portable battery charger?
Your can charge your smartphone by using the same USB cable you normally use at home in a USB main adapter. You just simply plug the USB end of cable into the built-in USB charger port on the portable battery charger.

How long will take to charge my phone and how long will it take to charge the portable battery packs?
We stock the best portable phone charger and power bank for laptop with efficient and fast charging ports. Our 6000mah has the latest built-in circuit board and will fully charge your cellphone in less than an hours. Our solar power bank will charge at the same speed as a wall socket.

How long will this portable battery charger last before its completely dead?
All of our portable battery packs have the best grade built-in lithium battery and high quality circuit board. Expect a minimum of 500 life cycles from our portable battery packs or up-to 9 years from your solar power bank.

What guarantee's do i get when i buy this product?
We a 28 days money back guarantee and on top of that a 1 year warranty on all portable battery charger and solar power bank. We promise to replace your portable battery charger with a new one.


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